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The money raised from the programme will go exclusively to the individual animal and used for feed, milk, veterinary needs and enrichment. 

Your  Adoption Folder includes:

- Your Adoption Certificate

- A personal letter from Roxy Danckwerts

- Pictures of your chosen elephant (postcard, book mark and a portrait for you to frame)

- A folding map of Zimbabwe with information on your elephant

- Supporting memorabilia

You will be getting a regular newsletter for you to be able to follow up on your animal and sanctuary’s news, as well as a birthday card that will be sent to you on your birthday.

To adopt:

- Click ADOPT NOW button below

- Choose Adopt an Elephant and name the elephant (choose from: Moyo, Sizi, Annabelle, Tulku, Matabele, Kukurukura) that you wish to sponsor

- The minimum recommended yearly subscription fee is 50 USD

NB Please note that if you are based outside Zimbabwe, but still would like to receive the hard copy of adoption kit, we can post it for an additional cost of 17 USD, so please don’t forget to add that to the total amount. Otherwise we will be sending you a digital version of your kit.

We would like to thank you for your kind support and to express our gratitude to you for becoming a friend of one of the animals that we are taking care of.