Date of Arrival: 11/07/2015

Sex: Female

Age: 6 years

Rescue: Annabelle was part of the group of 3 elephants given to us for rehabilitaion and eventual release by ZimParks. These 3 elephants had a very tramuatic experience before they arrived at ZEN. They all sustained severe injuries prior to their arrival at ZEN and hence were not suitable for relocation. 

Annabelle is missing a signifcant portion of her trunk. This renders her unable to fulfil certain tasks such as feeding and foraging. She is also missing her tail. We believe she sustained this injuries from a lion attack. Though she has had a traumatic experience and most like suffers from Post traumatic stress disorder she has made a very good recovery and is now healthy and happy. She is a very intelligent and curious elephant, getting her nickname "the Negotiator". Being the oldest female, she plays a dominant role in the herd.