Date of Arrival: 11/07/2015

Sex: Male

Age: 4 years

Rescue: Kukurakura a.k.a Kura which means "to tell a story" was part of the group of 3 elephants given to us for rehabilitation and eventual release by ZimParks. These 3 elephants had a very traumatic experience before they arrived at ZEN. They all sustained severe injuries prior to their arrival at ZEN and hence were not suitable for relocation. 

Kura sustained a severe injury to his back left leg. Soon after he arrived we arranged for him to have an X-Ray to determine the extremity of the injury. His leg was shattered in  two places and has fused around the entire joint. He still manages to walk fine, albeit without bending his leg at the knee a lot. He is the dominant bull in the herd and possibly the most complex. Although initially very wary of people when he arrived he is rebuilding his trust