Date of Arrival: 11/07/2015

Sex: Male

Age: 6 years

Rescue: Matabele was part of the group of 3 elephants given to us for rehabilitaion and eventual release by ZimParks. These 3 elephants had a very tramuatic experience before they arrived at ZEN. They all sustained severe injuries prior to their arrival at ZEN and hence were not suitable for relocation. 

Matabele has an old injury on his trunk. We are not sure the cause of this injury and it seems to have healed although he is still very sensitive with it. We believe it is a snare wound and he is very lucky to have saved his trunk. Matabele is a gentle giant. He is one of the older bulls. He is very gentle and kind and showed these traits especially with the intergration of Sizi and Moyo into the herd. 



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