DATE OF ARRIVAL: 08/01/2017


AGE: 2

Rescue: Tulku, in Tibetan Buddhism, "tulku" is an honorary title given to a young child either on the grounds of their resemblance of an enlightened being or through their connection to certain qualities of an enlightened being. We think that this is the perfect name for this precious little soul who is filling all of our hearts with hope and joy!

 Tulku was given to us for rehabilitation and eventual release by ZimParks. Tulku had a very traumatic experience before they arrived at ZEN. Due to his age and still being milk dependent prior to his arrival at ZEN, he was not suitable for relocation. Tulku sustained severe post-traumatic stress disorder but under the loving watchful eye of the herd but especially Annabelle who has taken him on as her own calf, he is healing.


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