ZEN is a state-of-the-art wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe giving orphaned and injured elephant calves a second chance at life.

Our founder, Roxy Danckwerts, shares with you her personal story and the vision of Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN). This video marks the start of our collaboration with the International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW. Wild is Life Trust and ZEN are very honored and grateful to be working with IFAW on the ZEN project.

At the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery we believe that every individual life matters. 


Our cutting-edge sanctuary for orphaned elephants integrates some of the most innovative practices in animal welfare and conservation. We are equipped to rescue elephants from remote parts of the country and our state-of-art facilities provide a save-haven for  rehabilitation.


Our nursery is a facility of security and comfort in which an elephant calf can express his or her natural, physical, social and cognitive behavior, to the fullest extent.


Hundreds of young elephants are orphaned and injured every year across the African continent. These elephants very rarely have a chance of survival and are more often than not left for dead. The unfortunate reality is that the circumstances that these individuals face are usually induced by human activity.

The elephant population at large is under tremendous threat. Rampant poaching activity, fragmentation of natural habitats and human/wildlife conflict  has left this iconic species fighting for a place on Earth. It is estimated that over 100,000 elephants have been slaughtered in just the last 3 years and, with only 352,000 elephants left roaming the continent, we have a difficult task ensuring that they have a future on our planet

We want to ensure the maximum survival of elephants in Zimbabwe by providing specialized care to orphaned and injured elephants. Our sanctuary stimulates emotional and physical wellbeing for the elephants as they are taken through various stages of rehabilitation.


It is our mission to do everything in our capacity to give these elephants a second chance at life in the wild. 

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To date, we have rescued and rehabilitated over 100 individual animals, compromising of more than 15 different species of African wildlife.